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you went personal ; i  w e n t  p e r s o n a l

donna: i’m a harvey fan.
mike: well, so am i.



#one of the greatest comedic performance of our time #I’m not even exaggerating

#we never joke about legally blonde #like really let’s just #first: obvious girl power message about how we don’t need no man and how you can do what you want with hard work #including the things people say are quote hard like get into harvard law (see photoset) #second: genuinely clever #like seriously clever wonderful well-written comedy that doesn’t stoop to low brow type humor #oh no sir no one is slipping and falling on a banana or making jokes about sex here #third: GIRLS CAN BE FRIENDS AND NOT HATE EACH OTHER #elle is so nice to even vivien who she probably is allowed to not like #she asks in the movie how could she be so mean #she genuinely does not understand cruelty how WONDERFUL ELLE WOODS IS WONDERFUL #FOUR: REESE WITHERSPOON LITERALLY IN THIS FILM MAKES YOU CRY WITH LAUGHTER #and then cry with tears #over a dumb girl comedy #that’s the best part because it’s all about some dumb cali girl majoring in fashion merchandising and people expected that #and they got one of the best movies in recent memory #and one of my favorite films 


Endless list of favorite movies [1 / 10]: The Young Victoria

What little girl does not dream of growing up as a princess? But some palaces are not at all what you would think. Even a palace can be a prison. Mama never explained why she would have someone taste my food, why I couldn’t attend school with other children or read popular books. I could not sleep in a room without Mama, or even walk downstairs without holding the hand of an adult. I learned the reason for all this when I was eleven: my Uncle William was the King of England, yet he and his three brothers could boast only one living child. And that was me. Sir John’s dream was that the King would die and there would be a regency where my mother would rule England and he would rule my mother. So I began to dream of the day when my life would change and I might be free. And I prayed for the strength to meet my destiny.


So I began to dream of the day when my life would change and I might be free. And I prayed for the strength to meet my destiny.


Peter Quinn + worried/protective on Carrie.

Zac and Missy being adorable newly-weds at Nerd HQ 2014


Should I start watching Rookie Blue???